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Targets (Now Fan Harvest)

The most targeted users for your product or service are the ones who are currently active on your competitions' facebook page. You can use Targets to find those users who were actively looking for a competitor's product to display your ads to these users. If you are not targeting your campaigns properly, you are leaving money on the table. Use Targets to target users on an individual level.

facebook social marketing using competition's information


You can use TweeLinks to see where influencers are getting their information from so that you can influence them by writing for their source of information. Tweelinks takes a list of Twitter screen names and returns URLs that have been tweeted by those users. It also returns analytics on how many times any particular link or domain was shared.


Want to find out the conversation between two Twitter user's? Or may be you need to catch up on what you been chatting about with a particular person? Simply give two screen names to TweetChat and get your chat history, tweet per tweet.


Twellows takes a screen name and gives you an exportable list of their followers and friends (following). Marketers have combined this with TweeLinks for some awesome data collection.


Do you want to know what Tweets have been popular for a particular keyword at a particular location? Now you can do this complex analysis in just one click using FavTwit tool.


Want to create a Spintax version of an article? It is now easy to create a deep-spun Spintax article with 3 spintax sentences to replace each original sentence, while you work on only one sentence at a time.

Httpster Oracle

Want to find out if a large set of URLs is still active or not? Try Httpster Oracle and find out the response code for each submitted URL.