Viber Pulls Phone Calls Support From Nokia Lumia Phones

You must have read our post where we told you that the best Nokia phone has been launched and it supports Viber for Nokia. We are not very excited to announce that Viber does not support calling on Nokia Lumia phone. It has been some time since they removed the support and there was also an update posted on Windows Phone Central website claiming that the support has been revoked. It has been over 2 months now and we haven’t heard any updates from Viber team on this. The comments posted in Windows marketplace suggest that Viber for Nokia Lumia does not support calling. Users have commented that the Viber app in the marketplace is not actually the Viber app but just another messenger app.

If you want your voice to be heard like us now because if we get enough likes, Viber team will respond and start visiting us to give us updates on what is going on with the current status of Viber for Nokia. 

Current State of Viber For Nokia Lumia Phones

After doing a little research and looking for options here and there, we found that Viber for Nokia is almost the same across all models of Nokia phones. You can download it on many models (but not all Nokia phone models) such as Viber for Nokia E71 and E72 is there, Viber for Nokia N8 is there, but Viber for Nokia Asha is still in a confusing state. A lot of Nokia Asha users are wondering what is going on with Viber for Asha phones as nobody can put their finger on if it is available or not.

As of now, we know for a fact that Viber can be downloaded from the Windows Marketplace. You can login to your Windows account (passport account) and send the app to your phone. Your phone must be registered with your windows account.

However, the reviews of this app are not so great. Of the total of 1236 views, Viber only managed to get a rating of around 3 stars. This is also due to the fact that they once launched calling functionality in the Viber for Nokia Lumia phones. However, users started complaining about the errors they were having with that version of Viber app about the calling features. Due to excessive amount of complaints, Viber team decided that the app was not yet matured to the level that it can be put out in the market.

However, the Viber team has claimed that they are working around the clock on solving this issue and they will launch a fix as soon as possible. We hope they do that soon as Viber will be a great addition to Nokia Lumia as well as other Nokia phones.