Nokia: the history of a legendary mobile phone brand

Nokia is a Finnish company that has become one of the most famous mobile phone manufacturers in history. They have established themselves as a leading brand known for quality, innovation and reliability.

Nokia’s history began in 1865, when the company was founded in Tampere, Finland. Initially engaged in paper manufacturing, Nokia later expanded into other industries, including telecommunications.

Nokia’s first mobile phone was introduced in 1982, the Nokia Mobira Senator, which looked more like a portable radio phone than a modern mobile phone. In 1992, Nokia launched its first real mobile phone, the Nokia 1011, which was a real breakthrough in the market.

Over the next decades, Nokia became a leader in the mobile phone industry. They released a number of significant models like Nokia 3210, Nokia 3310, Nokia 5110 which became iconic among users. Nokia was also one of the first to introduce many innovations in the world of mobile phones, including a built-in camera, colour displays, polyphonic ringtones and many other features.

However, in the early 2010s, Nokia ran into difficulties and lost its dominant position in the mobile phone market. They were unable to adapt to rapidly changing market demands and competition from other manufacturers, especially Apple and Samsung.

In 2014, Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile device division and Nokia itself switched to developing networking equipment and other communication technologies. In 2016, however, Nokia returned to the mobile market with new Android smartphones.

In recent years, Nokia has continued to offer different smartphone models at different price segments.

What are the benefits of Nokia mobile phones

Nokia mobile phones have several advantages that appeal to users:

  1. Quality and reliability: Nokia is renowned for its quality workmanship and reliability. They are known for their ruggedness and durability, which means that Nokia phones usually do well in everyday use and can last a long time.
  2. Ease of use: Many Nokia phones offer a simple and intuitive user interface. They are not cluttered with complicated features and offer easy access to basic functions, making them attractive to those who prefer simplicity and functionality.
  3. Long battery life: Nokia phones are known for their excellent battery life. Thanks to power optimisation and efficient batteries, many Nokia models are able to last a long time without recharging, which is especially important for those who travel or don’t always have access to a power source.
  4. security and software updates: Nokia pays attention to security and regularly provides updates for its devices. This allows users to be protected from security threats and receive new features and improvements along the way.
  5. Pure Android: Most current Nokia models run on pure Android, without additional user interfaces or unnecessary pre-installed software. This means that users get a cleaner and more standard Android experience, which can be appealing to those who prefer a near-standard version of the operating system.

However, it’s worth noting that the benefits of Nokia mobile phones can vary depending on the specific model and series of devices. When choosing a phone, it is always advisable to check its functionality, features and user reviews.

The most popular models of mobile phones brand Nokia

Here are some of the most popular models of Nokia brand mobile phones that have gained widespread recognition at different times:

  1. Nokia 3310: This is one of Nokia’s most famous models. The original Nokia 3310 was released in 2000 and was known for its ruggedness and durability. In 2017, Nokia introduced an updated version of the Nokia 3310 with a new design and some modern features.
  2. Nokia 1100: This is one of the best-selling mobile phones in history. It was released in 2003 and became popular for its reliability, ease of use and affordable price.
  3. Nokia 5110: This phone was released in 1998 and became popular due to its bright and easy to read display and exchangeable covers that allowed the user to change the look of the phone.
  4. Nokia N95: This smartphone was released in 2007 and received a lot of positive feedback. It offered a wide range of features including a 5 megapixel camera, GPS, Wi-Fi and support for 3G networks.
  5. Nokia Lumia 920: It was one of Nokia’s first smartphones to run on the Windows Phone operating system. The Lumia 920 came out in 2012 and was known for its quality display, great camera and wireless charging support.
  6. Nokia 6: After returning to the mobile market in 2016, Nokia launched a series of Android smartphones, among which the Nokia 6 became one of the most popular models. It offered good features, quality performance and an affordable price.
    Note that these models represent only a small fraction of Nokia’s popular phones, and the brand has produced many other successful models throughout its history.

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Speak Up, Viber for Nokia Users

It is frustrating to us and to all Viber users like us that Viber for Nokia is not yet there as a complete app. It is in Beta at best that too without phone calls. People have found way to get Viber for PC and we still don’t have viber for smartphones. We are doing a brief survey to find out how many of the Viber for Nokia users are facing issues and if there are issues what kind of issues are the most notable. We also want to know if this is dependent on phone models or if it is consistent across everything. In order to do this we have created a minimalistic survey of 2 basic questions that tells us the overall state at a glance. If this goes fine then we will know what kind of problems Viber for Nokia users are running into. We will be able to talk to Viber Media Inc. about it and then hopefully they will be able to help you guys with what you need in Viber app.

Like this post as much as possible so that we can get the attention of the developers of Viber for Nokia phones asap

Question 1: State of Viber for Nokia

The first thing that we want to know is what is the state of Viber for you. Have you tried installing Viber on your Nokia phones? If you have then you can go ahead and answer the following questions. We will ask more questions based on the answer of this survey in the next part. We want to know if Nokia owners are able to install the app or not. If you can run it without any issue then that is great, but if not then something needs to be done and we will try to see what is to be done.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Question 2: Which Nokia Phone do you own?

We have seen a lot of users using Viber on their Nokia phones without any issues while some have specific issues such as the text works fines but they cannot make phone calls to other Viber users. This kind of troubles are level 2 problems and can be related to the operating system on your device. For instance in our posts on state of Viber for Nokia Asha, also state of Viber for Nokia C2, and state of Viber for Nokia N8 we discuss similar issues. The version of the operating system makes a lot of difference in getting all functionalities of Viber working for you.

Anyways, we want to know what kind of phones you guys have, this way Viber team can learn which model is the most influential and hence can fix Viber phone app for those models first. Here is the question for you:

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Next thing to do for you

It is never easy to capture everything in one post or in a few questions. There are cases that we cannot cover in these two questions. However, we need to know those answers too. Please leave a comment to tell us your situation if it is not covered in the above two polls.

The Nokia Lumia 920 vs. The HTC One X

Even though apps such as Viber for Nokia have made a lot of difference to the acceptability of Nokia Lumia 920 Phone, when it comes to Windows phones, there aren’t many people willing to give them a chance any more. After some notable failures, most people seem doubtful that Windows can offer a stable and easily usable mobile operating system. And this is a shame, since Microsoft’s new effort (in conjunction with Nokia), the Lumia 920, is actually a pretty nice phone. It’s got some high specs, and is a huge leap forward from the previous Windows effort. In fact, the Lumia even stands up well to one of our favorite new phones, the HTC One X, and considering how great the HTC is, that’s saying a lot. However, putting them head to head, who comes out on top? The systems are actually relatively similar, with more or less the same specs. So it’s going to come down to the details…

Where the Nokia Lumia 920 Shines…

So, the stand out details on the Lumia… We’re going to start with the camera, which is not only easier to use than the one on the HTC, but is also higher resolution. The Nokia Lumia 920 cam comes in at 8.7 MP, compared to the HTC’s 8 MP. This means ten per cent more detail on your photos, which is important if you plan on enlarging or printing them; the Lumia does take nice pics.

The other thing is the screen. The Lumia’s screen is higher resolution, you get around ten per cent ore resolution on the Lumia, meaning the picture quality is a tad brighter and clearer. You also get higher PPI (pixels per inch), making the display a little crisper and seemingly more focused.

Where the One X Shines…

Okay, you get higher maximum data speeds. That isn’t necessarily an advantage though, as most people’s data speeds are capped by their phone providers, so you probably won’t be reaching your max data speed anyway.

There is quite a large size difference as well, since the Nokia Lumia 920 is actually quite a chunky feeling phone. The HTC comes in around thirty per cent lighter, twenty per cent thinner, and twenty per cent smaller in general. That’s a pretty big difference when you’re talking about something that you’re going to be carrying in your pocket all day.

Finally, there’s the thing that we love about all Android phones, the ability to run multiple applications at the same time. That means that web browsing whilst on Skype is fine, you’re not going to lose your connection. We’re not sure why other operating systems just don’t do this well, but Android never lets us down, and the HTC One X is no exception.

Close, But No Cigar…

The Lumia is probably as close as we’ve ever seen to a good Windows phone. It operates at a high level, and it looks good too. However, the smoothness of the Android operating system (and the ability to run multiple apps at the same time) wins us over every time. We just can’t put the Lumia ahead of the HTC. So, not a bad effort, but the HTC One X wins this one.

Phil Turner bought a phone on the 3 Mobile network recently. It is working out very cheap to run.

State of Viber for Nokia Asha Phones

Viber is a popular mobile application designed and published by Viber Media Inc. It is basically a VOIP software that works on mobile platforms. It is a revolutionary application that has allowed smartphone users to make free calls and text messages to other Viber users. Viber Media is currently working on its new application Viber for Nokia Asha phones and has already released a range of versions for several Asha series phones.

State of Viber for Nokia Asha Phones

Viber has numerous features, which includes free notional and international calls, free messaging service, and photo sharing. Its image sharing feature allows users to send pictures along with messages. It is a unique feature usually not found in other mobile VOIP applications. While most of the features are available for its popular Smartphone versions, Viber has withheld certain features for its new Asha releases. This includes Asha 201, 300, 302, 303, 305 and 306. You can find Viber versions for these phones but they are not full-fledged applications. You cannot use Viber application on these phones to make free calls. This may sound a bit disappointing for Asha users but Viber team is working on this front and you can expect full-fledged versions in the coming months. However, for Nokia Asha 200, Viber has released a complete version of its application that allows users to make VOIP calls to anywhere in the world. You can download the version from online sources or you can get the application installed from your nearest Nokia dealer.

How to Download Viber for Asha

Viber application is available at most of the Nokia stores and it is quite easy to install and comprehend. However, most of the users try online downloading because it is far more convenient for them. While downloading Viber, you should make sure that the version is compatible with your smartphone. If you are downloading from a registered service provider, they would offer you a list of Nokia phone models to choose from. You have to select your phone from the list and wait for confirmation. This is to ensure that you download only the right version. The installation process is simple and doesn’t ask for any membership or registration. You need not create any accounts or IDs. Once you install the Viber application onto your mobile, it will automatically take in your list of contacts and prompt you to add friends who are Viber users. You can directly start calling your friends who are on Viber. The process is very simple and you don’t even need to send an invitation.

For full versions of Viber on Nokia Asha series you can check Nokia’s OVI website. In here you can download Viber for S40 phone which is compatible with Asha models. However, you cannot make any voice calls using these S40 versions. For Symbian systems, you may find it difficult to get any Viber versions that are compatible with Asha series. Nevertheless, there are quite a few alternatives for Viber applications that can serve Nokia Asha users for the time being. Other popular platforms that support Viber include iOS, android, blackberry and windows.

Nokia Viber – Newest Way of Free Calling with Viber App for Nokia

If we take a look in past for the communication then it was very hard to establish as well as in term of the cost it was very high. However, now we are living in the technology driven world where there are many application which let you to communicate with your friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. VOIP, is the application which was invented to offer you the free calling facility. However, today, here we will explain you how leading VOIP base application called “Viber App Nokia” play key role in offering the free calling.

In the begging this Viber application was designed for the iPhone platform only. However, now as time spent and raising demand of different smartphone platform users for making this free calling application compatible to other platform like blackberry, Nokia, etc. due to demand of those user now Viber App for Nokia is leading the market for offering free calling service. Furthermore, the fact is also that Viber application for the Nokia platform is available for limited in means of Nokia Smarphones can able to install this application.

Apart form the “free calling” feature, this application lets you to free textual messaging feature. So, just with small requirements of installation of the app on both side you can be touch with you dear one for the communication. It has played key role in overseas business for saving lot in communication expense. Apart from the saving money it offer the best one sound quality for the communication.

So, you can see how Viber For Nokia Phones plays key role in both phase social as well as commercial. Free calling is prime requirement for anyone in term to save expense, am I right? So for what you are thinking if you have smartphone (blackberry, Nokia and iPhone) then you are just one step ahead to get this benefit of free calling.

Download the app and configure it as per thee rules defend in settings and start. You can use this application as per you convenient i.e commercial or personal. In both domains you will be benefits. Still viber team of RND is in thinking to give better then current.

Viber supports to Nokia has also raise the graph of Nokia users. So, if you are looking forward for any free calling feature and free textual then Viber for Nokia is the great for your desires.

We are looking forward for your review in concern of “Viber for Nokia”.

Viber Pulls Phone Calls Support From Nokia Lumia Phones

You must have read our post where we told you that the best Nokia phone has been launched and it supports Viber for Nokia. We are not very excited to announce that Viber does not support calling on Nokia Lumia phone. It has been some time since they removed the support and there was also an update posted on Windows Phone Central website claiming that the support has been revoked. It has been over 2 months now and we haven’t heard any updates from Viber team on this. The comments posted in Windows marketplace suggest that Viber for Nokia Lumia does not support calling. Users have commented that the Viber app in the marketplace is not actually the Viber app but just another messenger app.

If you want your voice to be heard like us now because if we get enough likes, Viber team will respond and start visiting us to give us updates on what is going on with the current status of Viber for Nokia. 

Current State of Viber For Nokia Lumia Phones

After doing a little research and looking for options here and there, we found that Viber for Nokia is almost the same across all models of Nokia phones. You can download it on many models (but not all Nokia phone models) such as Viber for Nokia E71 and E72 is there, Viber for Nokia N8 is there, but Viber for Nokia Asha is still in a confusing state. A lot of Nokia Asha users are wondering what is going on with Viber for Asha phones as nobody can put their finger on if it is available or not.

As of now, we know for a fact that Viber can be downloaded from the Windows Marketplace. You can login to your Windows account (passport account) and send the app to your phone. Your phone must be registered with your windows account.

However, the reviews of this app are not so great. Of the total of 1236 views, Viber only managed to get a rating of around 3 stars. This is also due to the fact that they once launched calling functionality in the Viber for Nokia Lumia phones. However, users started complaining about the errors they were having with that version of Viber app about the calling features. Due to excessive amount of complaints, Viber team decided that the app was not yet matured to the level that it can be put out in the market.

However, the Viber team has claimed that they are working around the clock on solving this issue and they will launch a fix as soon as possible. We hope they do that soon as Viber will be a great addition to Nokia Lumia as well as other Nokia phones.

Viber App for Nokia – Step By Step Process To Use Nokia Viber

We are living in technology driven world and it has changed our life style at an extreme level in compare to last decade. This technology invention has offered us one new platform for communication and today we will familiar you with this new communication platform called “Viber App Nokia”.

In previous posts, we have gained the knowledge about how Viber For Nokia Phones and now today you will come to know the step by step process of downloading Nokia Viber and how to start free calling with use of this application.

Before we move to Viber for Nokia phones, we would like  to tell you that you should check out the nice app for free phone calls as well as text messaging. In addition oovoo also supports free conference calling. If you are interested you can

Download it here

In the first step when you look forward to use this VOIP application that time you need to download it from iPhone or Android app stores. Once you have downloaded the application then it’s the time to move for the second step. Continue reading “Viber App for Nokia – Step By Step Process To Use Nokia Viber”

Best Nokia phone has been launched and Viber is supported

In a competition of finding Best Nokia Phone of this day, you will not have to go that far. Nokia just released it’s much awaited Nokia Lumia 920 phone. The good thing for Viber fans is that Viber is fully supported on Nokia Limia920 smartphone. Nokia’s latest release is loaded with features that you already wanted. It has not picked up as much as iPhone but it is surely going to give them run for their money. Nokia Lumia 920 phone should be a little more expensive than Nokia 900 series earlier phones. Since those phones are selling for $450 on Amazon it will not be a surprise if Nokia Lumia 920 costs a little more than that. Even for $550 it will be a good alternative to Apple’s flagship iPhone smartphone.

Nokia Lumia 920 features

Nokia phone company has put everything they had to make an iPhone rival phone and we must say that they have done a decent job at it. Look at the following stunning features of Nokia Lumia.