Nokia: the history of a legendary mobile phone brand

Nokia is a Finnish company that has become one of the most famous mobile phone manufacturers in history. They have established themselves as a leading brand known for quality, innovation and reliability.

Nokia’s history began in 1865, when the company was founded in Tampere, Finland. Initially engaged in paper manufacturing, Nokia later expanded into other industries, including telecommunications.

Nokia’s first mobile phone was introduced in 1982, the Nokia Mobira Senator, which looked more like a portable radio phone than a modern mobile phone. In 1992, Nokia launched its first real mobile phone, the Nokia 1011, which was a real breakthrough in the market.

Over the next decades, Nokia became a leader in the mobile phone industry. They released a number of significant models like Nokia 3210, Nokia 3310, Nokia 5110 which became iconic among users. Nokia was also one of the first to introduce many innovations in the world of mobile phones, including a built-in camera, colour displays, polyphonic ringtones and many other features.

However, in the early 2010s, Nokia ran into difficulties and lost its dominant position in the mobile phone market. They were unable to adapt to rapidly changing market demands and competition from other manufacturers, especially Apple and Samsung.

In 2014, Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile device division and Nokia itself switched to developing networking equipment and other communication technologies. In 2016, however, Nokia returned to the mobile market with new Android smartphones.

In recent years, Nokia has continued to offer different smartphone models at different price segments.

What are the benefits of Nokia mobile phones

Nokia mobile phones have several advantages that appeal to users:

  1. Quality and reliability: Nokia is renowned for its quality workmanship and reliability. They are known for their ruggedness and durability, which means that Nokia phones usually do well in everyday use and can last a long time.
  2. Ease of use: Many Nokia phones offer a simple and intuitive user interface. They are not cluttered with complicated features and offer easy access to basic functions, making them attractive to those who prefer simplicity and functionality.
  3. Long battery life: Nokia phones are known for their excellent battery life. Thanks to power optimisation and efficient batteries, many Nokia models are able to last a long time without recharging, which is especially important for those who travel or don’t always have access to a power source.
  4. security and software updates: Nokia pays attention to security and regularly provides updates for its devices. This allows users to be protected from security threats and receive new features and improvements along the way.
  5. Pure Android: Most current Nokia models run on pure Android, without additional user interfaces or unnecessary pre-installed software. This means that users get a cleaner and more standard Android experience, which can be appealing to those who prefer a near-standard version of the operating system.

However, it’s worth noting that the benefits of Nokia mobile phones can vary depending on the specific model and series of devices. When choosing a phone, it is always advisable to check its functionality, features and user reviews.

The most popular models of mobile phones brand Nokia

Here are some of the most popular models of Nokia brand mobile phones that have gained widespread recognition at different times:

  1. Nokia 3310: This is one of Nokia’s most famous models. The original Nokia 3310 was released in 2000 and was known for its ruggedness and durability. In 2017, Nokia introduced an updated version of the Nokia 3310 with a new design and some modern features.
  2. Nokia 1100: This is one of the best-selling mobile phones in history. It was released in 2003 and became popular for its reliability, ease of use and affordable price.
  3. Nokia 5110: This phone was released in 1998 and became popular due to its bright and easy to read display and exchangeable covers that allowed the user to change the look of the phone.
  4. Nokia N95: This smartphone was released in 2007 and received a lot of positive feedback. It offered a wide range of features including a 5 megapixel camera, GPS, Wi-Fi and support for 3G networks.
  5. Nokia Lumia 920: It was one of Nokia’s first smartphones to run on the Windows Phone operating system. The Lumia 920 came out in 2012 and was known for its quality display, great camera and wireless charging support.
  6. Nokia 6: After returning to the mobile market in 2016, Nokia launched a series of Android smartphones, among which the Nokia 6 became one of the most popular models. It offered good features, quality performance and an affordable price.
    Note that these models represent only a small fraction of Nokia’s popular phones, and the brand has produced many other successful models throughout its history.

The Nokia Lumia 920 vs. The HTC One X

Even though apps such as Viber for Nokia have made a lot of difference to the acceptability of Nokia Lumia 920 Phone, when it comes to Windows phones, there aren’t many people willing to give them a chance any more. After some notable failures, most people seem doubtful that Windows can offer a stable and easily usable mobile operating system. And this is a shame, since Microsoft’s new effort (in conjunction with Nokia), the Lumia 920, is actually a pretty nice phone. It’s got some high specs, and is a huge leap forward from the previous Windows effort. In fact, the Lumia even stands up well to one of our favorite new phones, the HTC One X, and considering how great the HTC is, that’s saying a lot. However, putting them head to head, who comes out on top? The systems are actually relatively similar, with more or less the same specs. So it’s going to come down to the details…

Where the Nokia Lumia 920 Shines…

So, the stand out details on the Lumia… We’re going to start with the camera, which is not only easier to use than the one on the HTC, but is also higher resolution. The Nokia Lumia 920 cam comes in at 8.7 MP, compared to the HTC’s 8 MP. This means ten per cent more detail on your photos, which is important if you plan on enlarging or printing them; the Lumia does take nice pics.

The other thing is the screen. The Lumia’s screen is higher resolution, you get around ten per cent ore resolution on the Lumia, meaning the picture quality is a tad brighter and clearer. You also get higher PPI (pixels per inch), making the display a little crisper and seemingly more focused.

Where the One X Shines…

Okay, you get higher maximum data speeds. That isn’t necessarily an advantage though, as most people’s data speeds are capped by their phone providers, so you probably won’t be reaching your max data speed anyway.

There is quite a large size difference as well, since the Nokia Lumia 920 is actually quite a chunky feeling phone. The HTC comes in around thirty per cent lighter, twenty per cent thinner, and twenty per cent smaller in general. That’s a pretty big difference when you’re talking about something that you’re going to be carrying in your pocket all day.

Finally, there’s the thing that we love about all Android phones, the ability to run multiple applications at the same time. That means that web browsing whilst on Skype is fine, you’re not going to lose your connection. We’re not sure why other operating systems just don’t do this well, but Android never lets us down, and the HTC One X is no exception.

Close, But No Cigar…

The Lumia is probably as close as we’ve ever seen to a good Windows phone. It operates at a high level, and it looks good too. However, the smoothness of the Android operating system (and the ability to run multiple apps at the same time) wins us over every time. We just can’t put the Lumia ahead of the HTC. So, not a bad effort, but the HTC One X wins this one.

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Nokia Mobile Phones – Solid and Dependable or Outdated

Over a decade ago, Nokia captured the market with innovative handsets like the 5110 and the 1100 models, which were quite easy to use and were also fairly affordable. The availability of apps such as Viber make them a great choice for teens as well.

Beginning for Mobile Phones

Mobile phones were not yet fashionable among people apart from business executives who wanted convenience and quality. But today, the mobile phone is not just a means of communication but is also a medium of entertainment.

Present of Mobile Phones

With the entry of new players in the market the use of mobile phones in our daily lives has undergone a profound change. Mobile phone companies like Samsung, Apple, Android and Blackberry have come up with a number of smartphones loaded with new technologies and features.

Mobile phones these days are also playing a significant role in managing day to day activities. Several new features introduced in these phones are making the people’s life easier. Apart from capturing memories with inbuilt cameras, you can use mobile phones to download music, to use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and to do a lot of other stuff.

With new gadgets like iPads and iPhones changing the experience of using mobile phones, Nokia is not the same crowd puller as it used to be, but for those who grew up using Nokia mobiles like the E63 and have a deep attachment with the brand, there is still hope.

Nokia Phones Today

Nokia has also introduced a number of good smartphones in the market recently. One such phone is the Nokia Lumia 920, which is a great phone and users will find it is easy to navigate the menus which Nokia is known for, and it can easily do a lot of the basic functions like calling, texting and web browsing.

The Nokia Lumia 920 has an 8 mega pixel camera on the back, which is ideal for those who are seriously looking for a camera phone. What should matter to you are its quality and convenience rather than just the looks. It would be unwise for you to buy mobiles just to impress your friends and peers. The 4.5 inch display of this mobile is good, crisp and clear making it easier for you to watch movies, surf the internet or for making use of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Nokia Phones Tomorrow

 It is true that Nokia as a brand hasn’t been able to match the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S3 with its new models but there is no doubt that in future this once great brand will reach its pinnacle slowly but surely if it continues to invest more on research and development of its existing models.

The use of mobile technology is changing by leaps and bounds and the use of the mobile phone as a communication tool is no longer confined to being just a device to call or text friends and family. So if you really have a strong liking for Nokia as a brand, keep your eye on upcoming new releases, you will have reason to cheer in the near future.

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