Download Viber on your Symbian Nokia phone without going to Ovi Store

A lot of our readers have complained that they are not able to download Viber from the Ovi store. It is either because there is something wrong or simply because the Nokia Ovi store is banned in their countries. We asked you guys to let us know if you were not able to get Viber from the Ovi store so that we can give you guys a link to the downloadable “sis” file. Getting the file was not an easy task but we were finally able to get a download link that actually has Viber on it. The link lets you download the “sis” file for Viber. “.sis files” are the application files for Symbian OS – the OS on your S40 and Symbian phones. The file that you will download will get you Viber for your Symbian phones. Please not that this file will not work on Nokia Lumia phones as those phones use Windows Phone OS which is totally different from Symbian operating system. However, if you have a Nokia Lumia you can anyways download Viber app it following the instructions in our previous post.


Steps to install Viber using the sis file on your Nokia Symbian phone

Step 1: First thing is to download the sis file. The file is available at multiple places online. Guys, the only way we can help you is when we need that you like what we do. Please like this post on facebook, google, or tweet. You will have to download it from the Ovi store or any other online source if available.

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