Download hush app and Express

Download hush app and Express

Workplaces could prove to be difficult sometimes. It could either be the work or some person that could be causing trouble. If the affected individual doesn’t wish to voice their opinion openly or would rather deal with it personally, they could post it on the hush app. The app is developed to help out employees and employers in solving various work-related issues.

How does the app help employees?

The app does not reveal the identity of the users. The users can post anything work-related. They can ask for solutions regarding an issue, a fight or any circumstance that is bothering them. Since the identity is not revealed, they could either get answers from workers of their company or from other companies. Thus, the hush app connects all professionals and workers to help in securing better working conditions by providing answers to various problems.

Where to download Hush from?

Hush can be downloaded from the app store or through a browser. It is free to use and once downloaded on smartphones, it runs without any hassle. On the other hand, it can also be downloaded on a desktop but it would require an emulator to run. Once the app is running, users will have to create an account. Users can then post questions, queries and then seek proper solutions to the same.