Download Viber on your Symbian Nokia phone without going to Ovi Store

A lot of our readers have complained that they are not able to download Viber from the Ovi store. It is either because there is something wrong or simply because the Nokia Ovi store is banned in their countries. We asked you guys to let us know if you were not able to get Viber from the Ovi store so that we can give you guys a link to the downloadable “sis” file. Getting the file was not an easy task but we were finally able to get a download link that actually has Viber on it. The link lets you download the “sis” file for Viber. “.sis files” are the application files for Symbian OS – the OS on your S40 and Symbian phones. The file that you will download will get you Viber for your Symbian phones. Please not that this file will not work on Nokia Lumia phones as those phones use Windows Phone OS which is totally different from Symbian operating system. However, if you have a Nokia Lumia you can anyways download Viber app it following the instructions in our previous post.


Steps to install Viber using the sis file on your Nokia Symbian phone

Step 1: First thing is to download the sis file. The file is available at multiple places online. Guys, the only way we can help you is when we need that you like what we do. Please like this post on facebook, google, or tweet. You will have to download it from the Ovi store or any other online source if available.

Step 2: Once you have downloaded the sis file for Viber, copy it on to your memory card. If you have a memory card, this is the best way to install Viber on your Symbian phones. Copy the sis file to your memory card and then install it from there. If this does not work in that case you need to install Viber through Nokia PC Suite. If you did not download this file from Ovi store, you will not be able to install this app from Nokia Drop.

Step 3: Once you have downloaded Viber for your Symbian Nokia phones and installed too, you can now open the app and set it up the traditional way. It will ask for your phone number to send you the activation code and from then onwards it is a simple process.

Once your Viber for Nokia Symbian is working we want you to do one thing for us. Please record the steps you took and help those who are not able to get Viber working on their phones. Also, some models will not support Viber because of different series of Symbian operating system. If that happens, then leave a comment with the model number of your Symbian phone so that we can have a look into it and get you a working version of Viber app for your Symbian phone.

29 Replies to “Download Viber on your Symbian Nokia phone without going to Ovi Store”

  1. hi:
    i liked the post on facebook, google, and tweet.
    when i opened the download page the survey list did not complete with its 5 choices ,why?

  2. when i opened that link i could not see any offer to choose , what appeared on browser were three lines :
    “”Complete a Quick Survey to Continue!
    You’ll have your download in no time! Just complete any survey below with your valid information and the download will unlock.
    Survey List:””
    without any offers below, that what happened with my friend in syria too
    i am really thankful 4 all ur efforts

    1. This is weird. I sent you an email which seems to have solved your problem. However, could you please try it again after clearing your cookies and let me know if you still don’t see anything.

  3. Please Help Me for download sis file for Nokia E71. Viber on your Symbian Nokia phone without going to Ovi Store

  4. hi
    i downloaded the viber but in my e72 i have a problem that it didnt installed successfully and it just installed a part that name is smart install so each time it tell me if u wnt to complete this download click on this icon and its useless
    why couldnt i installed it with just one operation or stage?

  5. Please Help Me for download file for Nokia E7. Viber on Nokia belle refresh without going to Ovi Store
    Send me file on my email, please.. Thanks mach…

  6. I participated in the Drawing for the record: I submitted the drawing (psycho), got a confirmation, but the download link did not appear. I am not eligible for the other surveys, plus I do not want to buy anything from Big Flix. Please help me. Thanks, Anshul

  7. Sure Adil, yes some models of Nokia N900 support Viber, it depends on what OS version you are running. Check your email for sis file.

  8. plzzz give the link to download it for nokia e5….nd tell me also tht Qt is nessesry for viber or not?plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz rply i m waitng

  9. good evening
    I also have a problem with installing viber then I try to run it but i have a error message “certificate not found in phone or in the SIM card”
    plz help me

  10. I had just download Viber app on Ovi Store and install for my N8 phone, but I don’t see it support a call ?

  11. pls help me to re-installthe Viber for my E71 . I don’t know where the link for E71 . Thanks !
    P/s i got Viber for Android already , but i want to use again for E71

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