Speak Up, Viber for Nokia Users

It is frustrating to us and to all Viber users like us that Viber for Nokia is not yet there as a complete app. It is in Beta at best that too without phone calls. People have found way to get Viber for PC and we still don’t have viber for smartphones. We are doing a brief survey to find out how many of the Viber for Nokia users are facing issues and if there are issues what kind of issues are the most notable. We also want to know if this is dependent on phone models or if it is consistent across everything. In order to do this we have created a minimalistic survey of 2 basic questions that tells us the overall state at a glance. If this goes fine then we will know what kind of problems Viber for Nokia users are running into. We will be able to talk to Viber Media Inc. about it and then hopefully they will be able to help you guys with what you need in Viber app.

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Question 1: State of Viber for Nokia

The first thing that we want to know is what is the state of Viber for you. Have you tried installing Viber on your Nokia phones? If you have then you can go ahead and answer the following questions. We will ask more questions based on the answer of this survey in the next part. We want to know if Nokia owners are able to install the app or not. If you can run it without any issue then that is great, but if not then something needs to be done and we will try to see what is to be done.

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Question 2: Which Nokia Phone do you own?

We have seen a lot of users using Viber on their Nokia phones without any issues while some have specific issues such as the text works fines but they cannot make phone calls to other Viber users. This kind of troubles are level 2 problems and can be related to the operating system on your device. For instance in our posts on state of Viber for Nokia Asha, also state of Viber for Nokia C2, and state of Viber for Nokia N8 we discuss similar issues. The version of the operating system makes a lot of difference in getting all functionalities of Viber working for you.

Anyways, we want to know what kind of phones you guys have, this way Viber team can learn which model is the most influential and hence can fix Viber phone app for those models first. Here is the question for you:

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Next thing to do for you

It is never easy to capture everything in one post or in a few questions. There are cases that we cannot cover in these two questions. However, we need to know those answers too. Please leave a comment to tell us your situation if it is not covered in the above two polls.

31 Replies to “Speak Up, Viber for Nokia Users”

  1. I have a N8. but not for much long, i’m moving to some brand with android, nokia is getting worst with every new phone. Any new app, is a new problem. Bye bye nokia, your days are ending…

  2. i have installed it but it doesnt show any cntacts…nd dnt have call option…plzzz help

  3. my mobile is nokia n79
    and i love this software but i dont know how can i get it ???
    please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez help me

    1. i tried to install viber series for my nokia asha 305 but failed. please help

  4. i have tried to install viber so many time but its not installing.may i know why?

  5. from where we should download viber for nokia asha 303 or all the asha series .. There r just options 4 i.phone and android. When will the vibere available 4 nokia asha 303??? This is my question …

  6. please i need your help..,i have been trying to install viber on my nokia e5 but it doesn’t wanna open..,what can i do so that i can have..,i really need it..,thanks

  7. i want to used a viber to my phone im using nokia E5 pls. Help me how to regester for a viber!

  8. i like instal for viber for my phone im using E5 nokia can you help me pls. How regester for using a viber for nokia!l

  9. hello..
    I installed Viber on my E-72 from OVI store
    it took a while honestly to be installed, about 15 minutes!
    Then I signed up and everyting was great
    untill I wanted to try it.. There is only chat service and nothing at all about calls..
    My friend has an Android phone, he tried to call me, it was in vain and didn’t work
    So I see that Viber and Nokia as fast as possible take a good move about this cause Nokia is going to lose alot of it’s costumers around the world!

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