State of Viber for Nokia Asha Phones

Viber is a popular mobile application designed and published by Viber Media Inc. It is basically a VOIP software that works on mobile platforms. It is a revolutionary application that has allowed smartphone users to make free calls and text messages to other Viber users. Viber Media is currently working on its new application Viber for Nokia Asha phones and has already released a range of versions for several Asha series phones.

State of Viber for Nokia Asha Phones

Viber has numerous features, which includes free notional and international calls, free messaging service, and photo sharing. Its image sharing feature allows users to send pictures along with messages. It is a unique feature usually not found in other mobile VOIP applications. While most of the features are available for its popular Smartphone versions, Viber has withheld certain features for its new Asha releases. This includes Asha 201, 300, 302, 303, 305 and 306. You can find Viber versions for these phones but they are not full-fledged applications. You cannot use Viber application on these phones to make free calls. This may sound a bit disappointing for Asha users but Viber team is working on this front and you can expect full-fledged versions in the coming months. However, for Nokia Asha 200, Viber has released a complete version of its application that allows users to make VOIP calls to anywhere in the world. You can download the version from online sources or you can get the application installed from your nearest Nokia dealer.

How to Download Viber for Asha

Viber application is available at most of the Nokia stores and it is quite easy to install and comprehend. However, most of the users try online downloading because it is far more convenient for them. While downloading Viber, you should make sure that the version is compatible with your smartphone. If you are downloading from a registered service provider, they would offer you a list of Nokia phone models to choose from. You have to select your phone from the list and wait for confirmation. This is to ensure that you download only the right version. The installation process is simple and doesn’t ask for any membership or registration. You need not create any accounts or IDs. Once you install the Viber application onto your mobile, it will automatically take in your list of contacts and prompt you to add friends who are Viber users. You can directly start calling your friends who are on Viber. The process is very simple and you don’t even need to send an invitation.

For full versions of Viber on Nokia Asha series you can check Nokia’s OVI website. In here you can download Viber for S40 phone which is compatible with Asha models. However, you cannot make any voice calls using these S40 versions. For Symbian systems, you may find it difficult to get any Viber versions that are compatible with Asha series. Nevertheless, there are quite a few alternatives for Viber applications that can serve Nokia Asha users for the time being. Other popular platforms that support Viber include iOS, android, blackberry and windows.