Viber For Nokia N8 – Current Status and Future Plans

Nokia N8 phone is one of the most popular phones ever manufactured by Nokia. It was the first phone in N series that was accepted by users as the best of all Nokia N series phones. A lot of our readers like you are proud owners of Nokia N8 too. Our Facebook wall gets very frequent messages asking us about the status of Viber for Nokia N8 phone. Although, we have done our own research, Viber team has not put a clear cut answer out there whether Viber app supports Nokia N8 or not. However, we will tell you all about Nokia N8 and if you can get Viber installed on it or not.

State of Viber App for Nokia N8 Phone

If you have Nokia N8 then you should be able to download Viber app by going to Nokia Ovi store. We have tried downloading Viber app for Nokia N8 running Symbian Belle as well as Symbian Anna phones. Viber app can be downloaded from both of these Symbian operating systems. If you are having trouble, you should check out our post on Downloading Viber for Symbian where we take you through a step by step tutorial on Nokia Ovi store and teach you how to download Viber from Nokia Ovi store using step by step pictures. If you still run into trouble, you can always leave us a comment and we will take care of whatever issue you might have.

For those who just skip through details and want to know a short answer if Viber is available or not for Nokia N8, let us put it in big letters out there.

Congratulations! Viber is available for your Nokia N8 phone.

Issues with Running Viber on Nokia N8 Phone

We asked a few of our readers who own Nokia N8 to download it using our tutorial and to report how did they like it. Well, they do not appreciate the fact that you cannot make audio phone calls. The only thing you could do is text messaging which is also available for so many other apps. However, if your friends are on Viber, well they have over 100M users now, then you might find Viber app useful. Viber team must also be busy working day in and out to get us the Viber for Symbian app as soon as possible. If Viber team is reading this post, Viber for Nokia with the phone calling feature will make a great christmas gift for all of your Nokia users.

The second complain we heard was that many of the readers were not able to install Viber on their Nokia N8 devices. However, this was the case when they had an operating system prior to Anna. If you are running an old operating system, it is time you upgraded your mobile phone. It is not that difficult after all and Anna as well as Belle adds so many security features to your already amazing smartphone. Nokia N8 is best used with Belle (Symbian) operating system and then you can also enjoy Viber on your precious possession.