Viber App for Nokia – Step By Step Process To Use Nokia Viber

We are living in technology driven world and it has changed our life style at an extreme level in compare to last decade. This technology invention has offered us one new platform for communication and today we will familiar you with this new communication platform called “Viber App Nokia”.

In previous posts, we have gained the knowledge about how Viber For Nokia Phones and now today you will come to know the step by step process of downloading Nokia Viber and how to start free calling with use of this application.

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In the first step when you look forward to use this VOIP application that time you need to download it from iPhone or Android app stores. Once you have downloaded the application then it’s the time to move for the second step.

In the second step you need to allow this viber application to access your address book. Once you given that permission then just click on OK button. As you clicked this OK button you can see the prompt appears for this application being process.

In the third step, you need to follow all prompts and finally require entering your phone number. As you have entered the phone number, promptly you will get an access code via text message. Now, in next process you need to copy this code and paste it in appropriate field.

In next step you will be easily get to know that in your contact list how many people are using this app. Moreover, in the viber app for Nokia you can see that there is menu bar. This menu bar stands to allow you sorting all contacts as per your requirements. For starting the communication you just need to tap their name and then select any either option “free message” OR “free call”.

Now, if you are looking forward to call or message then here you have simply option to invite your contact for chat or call via invite. Those contact persons will get invitation by SMS. Once they download this VOIP application you can communicate with them on free of cost.

Moreover, for this “Viber App Nokia” you can see the “setting” option which will be beneficial for you to invite contact people by email.

So, this is the step by step process which will help you for utilization of “Viber” application. So, for what you are looking just download the application and start communicate via SMS or Call to your dear one without fearing about the cost.

45 Replies to “Viber App for Nokia – Step By Step Process To Use Nokia Viber”

      1. hi there … which phone model u r using, Cos as far as i know.. there is still development going on for VIBER FOR NOKIA

    1. hi there … which phone model u r using, Cos as far as i know.. there is still development going on for the software

  1. this will further hep me in staying touch with my near n dear ones around the globe.

  2. Hi All,
    Looking at above comments, it seems that people have downloaded Viber(from Android market) to their Nokia phones(mine is Nokia E71)and it is working successfully after the installation.

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