Viber for Nokia Lumia can be downloaded but no calls

Viber team has launched Viber for Nokia phones. Although Viber for the Nokia cell phones is not as good as Viber phone app for Android and iPhone devices, it is at par with that for Blackberry cell phones. If you have a selected range of Nokia phones then you are still in luck. We have already talked about some of the Nokia series of phone such as Viber for Nokia E series (E71 and E72) phones.

Download Viber for Nokia Lumia phones 

A lot of our users ask for the download link and today we will provide you the download link as well as show you some of the screenshots of how Viber for certain Nokia phones look like. Furthermore, we will also talk about the features of Viber for those Nokia phones.

Viber for Nokia phone has already been launched for Nokia Lumia series of phones. You can download Viber app for your Nokia Lumia 700, Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 900 series phone. Other Nokia phones that run Windows OS are also eligible to download Viber app from Windows Marketplace.

Viber for Nokia vs. Viber for Symbian

Nokia used to be the leader in the world of cell phones. They were the first ones who could capture the market like no one else. However, when Apple launched its iPhone it took over the market. Nokia people did not think that iPhone will be such a big thing and hence did not invest in touch screen phones until recently. Apple, in the mean time capitalized on this lack of Nokia’s vision and became the uncrowned champion of the mobile market.

The short sight of Nokia was to not launch something that could offer something that iPhone couldn’t or at least most of the things that iPhone did. However, Nokia kept sticking to Symbian and did not change the platform to offer the gamut of services that people wanted.

Now that Nokia has realized that Symbian was not the best choice for the platform for their phones they are looking forward to other OSs. Android would have been a good player but there is already a neck and neck fight between other manufacturers such as Motorola and Samsung to sell Android based phones. Therefore, Nokia went ahead and shook hands with Microsoft to offer Nokia’s Lumia series of phones running Windows Phone operating system.

This partnership between Nokia and Microsoft gave both of the parties the tool they lacked. Microsoft got the hardware support and Nokia got the software support. Microsoft also created Windows Marketplace similar to Apple’s Apple’s Appstore to fight Apple.

The future as we see is Nokia phones running Windows OS. The Symbian era has come to an end and it will fade away in a few years when all of the Nokia’s stock has gone.

Viber for Nokia phones running Windows OS

If you are a proud owner of a Windows OS based Nokia phone then you can click on the following link to download Viber for Nokia.

Once you have download Viber for Nokia phones then you can follow the step by step instructions to install and set it up on your phone. Please feel free to comment about your opinion on Windows Phone and availability of Viber for Nokia.

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