VOIP App – Nokia Viber Key Aspect of New Nokia Market

In this tech surrounded world we have made many inventions and VOIP is also one of them. Nokia Viber, is one of VOIP application.

Today, we will familiar you with that how Viber app for Nokia has taken the place of the Skype. Before few years if anyone asks for the free calling that time only one name came in our mind and it is Skype Call. However, today if we take look in the market then there are many alternatives available for the Skype call.

In today’s smartphone usage world to be familiar with Viber App Nokia is vital. This Viber application recently become compatible with Nokia platform; however, before that it introduced only for the iPhone. But it is compatible with blackberry as well. If you are looking for a free calling solution that even supports Video, you can

Download it here

Viber has received really drastic acceptance in market for its free calling as well as free textual messaging service. Regardless of the real benefit of the advanced technology, this viber application becomes the first platform to kick out the skype.

Viber for Nokia phones allows you to free of cost calling to your any of phone contact who is using same viber app on their smartphones. Moreover, it lets you to communicate with the following channels:

  • Android mobile to a Nokia mobile
  • laptop to Nokia mobile
  • Nokia mobile to iPhone
  • HTC to iPhone

So, now its clear that you just have this viber app in your as well as in device of the person to whom you wish to communicate.

Yes, for the few fact of this application we agree. Like this VOIP app is still not compatible for all Nokia phones. It supports only Nokia N8, Nokia E71, Nokia C7. Means all Symbian phones are supported for this application.

Nokia has introduced window based smart phonelike Lumia, E series mobiles and N series mobiles with Symbian OS. However, voip apps on such devices given one more hope for Nokia to run in the market.

Nokia phone market has lost its hold on the market after launch of the Andorid market. However, Viber application support for Nokia smartphone has given bit raise to the Nokia market.

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  1. can you guide me how to download the application on my E71 phone because i open many inks in the web without benefit.thanks waiting the request for amazing application.

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