About Us

You must be wondering who runs this site Viber For Nokia. If this is the official Viber team working on the Nokia project or somebody else. Let us help you there. We are not related, affiliated, or a part of Viber team. We are fans of Viber App as well as Nokia Phones. Therefore, we wanted Viber team to launch Viber for Nokia. Now, it was not available in the market and we as common man did not have a strong voice to tell Viber team to launch Viber for Nokia.

Then, we found that there were a lot of people who wanted the same thing. They all wanted Viber on their Nokia phones. Therefore, we created a common platform where you can come and discuss your problems. We continuously monitor the current state of the art with respect to Viber app for Nokia phones. As soon as there is a new development we come here to http://www.viberfornokia.com and post about it.

However, we are not mere writers telling you the same thing you could read in press releases by Viber team working on Nokia phones. We take the news, we read and we assess it. We cross verify it with other resources and on our phones. Then, we bring the truth to you people.

We have posted a lot of good stuff here on Viber for Nokia. We told you how to avoid Nokia Ovi store to download apps if it is blocked in your country. You guys liked that post and we consider that you supported us there. That is why we are motivated to bring the best stuff to you.

We have even posted the Nokia sis file for you guys. We are aware that some of you are having issues downloading it, but trust us. We will soon fix that problem. What we would like you to do is bookmark us and share us with your facebook friends [wpsr_facebook], share on your Google plus page [wpsr_plusone], if you use Pinterest take a pretty pic and post it with our post there [wpsr_pinterest], or atleast stumble upon it and like it there[wpsr_stumbleupon]. Please spread the word around your community about our efforts with Viber for Nokia.

We promise to continue to be your best resource for Viber for Nokia.